painting available*

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Construction Destruction*
10" X 12" X 10"
Multi Media Art Piece
with Oil on canvas,
acrylic on glass panels

30"x 30"

Prime Subdivision: Hwy 71 at Bee Creek
14"x 56"

Frio River
28"x 32"

Hill Country Barn
7"x 11"

Solo Cypress
17"x 22"

Fog in the Hill Country
11"x 14"

Cypress Creek
24"x 50"

Sunset on Lake Travis
22"x 50"

Impression on the Sea*
7"x 22"

Meditation at Sea
30"x 34"

Cypress Tree
pastel on paper
11"x 17"

Quilted Cypress
watercolor on paper
18"x 20"

20"x 22"

Painting the Notre Dame
30" x 42"
Painted for my brother for Christmas last year. Looking at the Ice Cream Parlor-across from the Notre Dame at a painter painting the Notre Dame.

Little Rough Cove
7"x 22"

On Bee Creek Road
17"x 28"

Rain in the Cove
24"x 59"

Sunset on the Pines
22" x 39"

Pines in East Texas
17"x 27"

Sunset on Lake Travis
14" x 22"

Hibiscus Garden
28"x 34"

Texas Hill Country Junipers- Van Gogh inspired
22"x 24"

Five Italian Cypress at White Sunrise
28"x 30"

Five Italian Cypress
20"x 52"

Doors into the Garden
22"x 34"

Colorado Hills
17"x 22"

Central Park
17"x 22"

New Orleans Cemetary
14"x 20"

Brotherton House
16"x 24"

Sunset on Haybails*

Texas Pasture*
9"x 17"

Boat in Creek
8"x 10"

Krause Waterfall

Cow Creek on Lake Travis*
14"x 22"

Sunset on Lake Travis, Austin Texas*
29"x 34"

Cypress at Krause Springs 24"x 48"

Shaded Cows
10"x 40"

Boys on Rope Swing at Krause Springs
30"x 42"